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Master the Art of Bid Calling with Reppert Auction School


Why Choose Reppert for Bid Calling Coaching?

Transforming Novices into Masters

Overcoming fear of being in front of a crowd or simply getting a consistent chant down can feel daunting. We make the journey straightforward, guiding you with each step

Beyond Just Techniques – A Mentor in Your Journey

Receive direct feedback that’s essential for growth and your own personal chant, something you can’t get from impersonal online videos.

Committed to Excellence

Our coaches include bid calling champions and instructors who have coached 1000+ auctioneers with a deep understanding of the auctioneering process that goes beyond the ordinary.

Our Coaching Process

Mastering Numbers

Learn to count in various increments seamlessly, forming the backbone of your chant.

Vocabulary & Structure

Choose and structure your vocabulary to build a clear, compelling chant.

 Tone & Rhythm

Find and refine your unique tone and rhythm that resonate with audiences and make your chant unforgettable.

Practice Techniques

Learn effective strategies for practicing and adjusting your chant to keep it dynamic and engaging.


Reppert Bid Calling Coaching means:

  • Immediate Feedback: No more DIY guessing games. Get real-time, constructive feedback from experts.
  • Customized Chant Development: Craft a chant that’s distinctly yours, fitting your style and personality.
  • Accelerated Growth: With our focused coaching, advance quicker in your auctioneering career.

Meet Your Instructor

Tim Kruse, CAI

Growing up in the auction business has given Tim Kruse the groundwork to be a valuable asset to Reppert. Serving as Vice President of the Auction School since 2003, Tim has had the opportunity to train and assist hundreds of new auctioneers in reaching their auction goals. Specializing in Benefit Auctions and Bid Calling instruction, Tim offers a fresh and energetic approach to teaching the art of auctioneering.  In 2009, Tim was the winner of the Rose Award, the top honor given at the Certified Auctioneers Institute at Indiana University. Tim is a member of the Indiana Auctioneers Association Board of Directors, and is available for one-on-one bid calling coaching.

Ready to Start Bid Calling with Confidence?