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Hybrid Pre-Licensing: Your Gateway to Professional Online Auctioneering


The Benefits of Online Auctioneering

In the rapidly evolving world of auctions, the digital landscape offers unprecedented opportunities.

Global Reach

Access bidders from around the world, expanding your potential market exponentially.


Manage auctions from anywhere, anytime, maximizing your flexibility and efficiency.


Reduce overhead costs with no need for physical auction spaces, passing savings onto buyers and sellers.

Extended Bidding

Take advantage of longer bidding periods compared to traditional auctions, increasing participation and final sale values.


Why Choose Reppert for Online Auctioneering?

Stay Ahead of Compliance

With a growing number of states now enforcing licensing for online auctions, the need to understand and comply with auction laws has never been more critical.

Expertise in Auction Law & Licensing

Understanding and navigating auction law is crucial, especially in states with strict requirements. We ensure you’re fully versed in the legalities of online auctioneering and business as a whole, fully preparing you to conduct auctions across all platforms.

Comprehensive Online Auction Training

Our courses are designed with a focus on the digital auction market. You’ll learn from seasoned professionals about different online auction models, strategies for maximizing sell-through rates, and the technical skills needed to run successful online auctions.

Our Hybrid Pre-Licensing Course

Our Hybrid Pre-licensing course is specifically designed to meet the needs of future and current online auctioneers who require proper licensing. This course offers:

  • Flexibility & Convenience: Engage with comprehensive online modules at your own pace and schedule.
  • In-Person Expertise: Attend essential sessions in person to hone your skills under the guidance of industry experts.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From auction law and ethics to online auction technology, get equipped with everything you need to know to run successful auctions.

Course Highlights

FREE Preview

Grasp the fundamentals and beyond with the free preview of our first module, “Auctioneering A-Z,” led by President Emeritus Dennis Kruse. This 50-minute insight-packed session offers you an overview of life as an auctioneer and a clear pathway to carrying out a successful auction.


Step into the World of Online Auctioneering